CEO Message

PRAKASH HOME INDUSTRIES, the name is likely to mislead the perception of the customers regarding the products manufactured by us. In reality, we are engaged in the manufacturing activities from day one of year 1960. With the experience of about 30 years, in the manufacture of centre lathes and other machine tools while in service with Kirloskars, two brothers then popularly known to all others as NRP (N.R.Pandit) and MRP (M.R.Pandit), started this unit in one room of their home. Hence the word HOME along with the name of son of NRP, PRAKASH attaching their sentiments to the name. After nearly 54 years since then, we continue to cherish the name even more.

However, the manufacturing activities we are engaged in, since year 1960, are to Engineering products. Like:

  1. Radial Drilling Machines, Vertical spindle rotating table surface grinding Machines, tool and cutter grinders etc.

  2. Machining of iron castings, received from our own foundry, and supplied in ready to use condition to customers.

  3. Fabrication of low carbon steel components for use on Diesel engines such as Air/water pipes, exhaust manifolds, exhaust silencers, fuel tanks, housings for Air cleaner filters etc.

It is our commitment to always produce products that totally satisfy quality needs of customers, in every respect, continual up gradation of employee skills , Continual improvement in our processes has always been our enderour.



Prakash Home Industries, Belgaum